Thursday, April 1, 2010

What I'm Loving Right Now

1. Vita Muffin VitaTops in Deep Chocolate. I looove these bad boys. They are only 100 calories and definitely give me my chocolate fix. Just thaw in the microwave and pop it in the toaster. For a yummy dessert add a small scoop of ice cream on top. Heaven! These also have 6 g Fiber, 3g protein, and they are whole grain.
2. My new Michael Kors shoes I bought in Dallas at Nordstrom. Most. Comfortable. Heels. Ever. I could run in these. They have a 4 in. heel with a 1/2 in hidden platform. They front is a stretchy material that really ups the comfort factor. They have these in all patent leather, but the front straps were digging into my skin so I went for the stretchy one's.

3. The sun! It's been shining for days now and I love it. Days like these make me want to live outside. Yesterday I was really wishing that the pool at our apartment complex was open so I could lay out.

What are ya'll currently loving? Hope everyone has had a great week. One more day left in the school/work week.


Anonymous said...

those vitatops look sooo good! where do you find them?

Sonja said...

I loooooove vitatops!!

I'm loving the new "Chocolate Raspberry" Luna bar they just came out with! It's delicious!

and the sun! I haven't seen a cloud in a week!

Kaley said...

I buy my vitatops at Kroger, but I'm sure most grocery stores carry them. I find them in the freezer in the natural foods section. You can also order them online in bulk. I've considered doing this. :)

Sonja I love the Chocolate Raspberry Luna bars too! I keep one in my school bag at all times for when I'm starving in class!