Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hangin in there...

So this is going to be a short post because, well I'm in the middle of hell week aka finals. I've gotten one project turned in, almost finished with another one, I have a test tomorrow AND a major presentation, a test Friday, a test Monday, and two tests on Tuesday. I'm hangin in there though and I know everything will be okay. Thank you for all of your positive comments over the last few weeks regarding school. You have no idea how much it means to me. Last night I was near a total nervous breakdown and I just had to step away from the computer for a little bit. I put on my tennis shoes and set my elliptical on the hardest program and worked out some of my stress for an hour. I felt so much better after that! Anyway I hope ya'll are having a good week and I'll try to be back to my regular posting as soon as I can!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why do weekends go by so fast?!

I can't believe it's already Sunday evening! The older I get the faster my weekends go by. Friday we had dinner at Gabe's parents house to celebrate his youngest sister turning 18! I can't believe she will be starting college in the fall. After dinner we headed to my parents house to spend the night. We had some pretty nasty thunderstorms that night and in to Saturday morning. Luckily the sun started coming out just in time for my sister to start getting ready for her prom. I did her makeup for the big event and she looked absolutely gorgeous! Can you believe she's only 16? I think she looks older than me most of the time haha.

Prom dresses sure have come a long way since my high school days. (I mean my senior prom was only 5 years ago and they look so different now). Anyway, she had a really good time and looked great! Last night, Gabe and I drove back to Conway and settled in for a night of drinking wine and watching SNL. To be honest those are my favorite kind of nights. Today has been a lazy day for me. I've just cleaned the apartment and started studying for some finals. I have a ton of projects due this week and a major presentation so I'm apologizing in advance for my lack of posts this week. I'm considering just moving my bed into the library since that's where I will be living for the next week and a half.
Did ya'll have a good weekend? Anything exciting happen? By the way ya'lls comments on my old cheer pics cracked me up. The secret to those abs were about 25 hours a week of practice and working out. Not realistic now days for me sadly. I am looking for a new workout though. I'm pretty bored with my usual elliptical and/or running routine. Feel free to toss some ideas my way! :)
Have a great Sunday night!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Random-ness

1. Seth Aaron won Project Runway!!! I knew from the first few episodes that he would win this season. I seriously LOVE him!
2. School is ruining my social life. One week of classes left then finals. After that I am seriously doing nothing but going out and sleeping late. At least for a few weeks...
3. I decided to go with Bedroom look #1 from my Wednesday post. I'm going to throw little pops of red in there.
4. When Gabe gets off work we're heading to Heber Springs to have dinner with his family. Then it's on to Searcy later tonight. I'm doing my little sister's makeup for her prom tomorrow so I'll be sure to get lots of pictures. Her dress is so cute! I want it for myself actually.
5. It's stormy here today and all it makes me want to do is crawl back in my bed and ignore my obligations.
6. We're planning a Vegas trip for my birthday this year!! But I'm starting to think Vegas in August might be a BAD idea! I mean it was pretty toasty when we went last May. Have any of ya'll been in August? Was the heat terrible?
7. Does anyone want to write a research paper on Sickle Cell Anemia for me? :) I have seriously just given in to my senior-itis.
8. I'm going to leave you with some pictures of my workout motivation. Yeah back when I was 18, a college cheerleader, and had abs. And I probably didn't even appreciate it...

Look at those legs! I think I start doing lunges now...
I hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bedroom Ideas

So since we are moving to a new apartment next month I've been thinking non-stop about how I want to decorate. We bought new bedroom furniture so my first order of business is to find some new bedding and window treatments. I've been browsing Elle Decor's online photo galleries for some ideas and apparently I really like a white bedroom! Here are a few of the rooms that are currently inspiring me:

Hope ya'll are having a great hump day! We're halfway through the week! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On the Hunt...

For the perfect white spring cardigan that is. The mornings and evenings are still cool here and I'm looking for a lightweight cardigan to throw on over my sleeveless dresses and shirts. I found two online I'm interested in. But I haven't found one that I just have to have yet.

The Limited

I'm also searching for a cute dress to wear to Gabe's little sister's high school graduation in May. I checked out a few places last week but the dresses were either too casual or too dressy. I did find the one below from The Limited that might be appropriate. Not sure yet. Gabe suggested my favorite LBD from White House Black Market but it's a little too sexy for a high school graduation haha.

So ladies I'm asking for your help! Have you seen an item lately that fits what I'm looking for? I think I've just been so bogged down by school, it's affecting my shopping skills. Ya'll don't even want to know what I've been looking like for class lately.
Hope everyone is having a good week!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend re-cap

So this weekend was pretty great and it has been hard getting back into the swing of things today. Friday I shopped with my mom and sister, then came home to a wonderful home cooked meal from my boyfriend. We stayed in and I caught up on all my shows I missed during the week.
Saturday was Gabe's fraternity's crawfish boil. I had so much fun seeing all of my old friends and making a few new ones. We stayed out there all day and into the night. Here's a pic of me and some of my favorite girls:

Allison, Kelli, Me, Meghan, and Hilary
Sunday was recovery day. Gabe and I learned that we're not as young as we used to be and partying in a field all day takes a toll on us now.
This morning first things first, I had to get a pedicure because wearing flip flops in a field doesn't do much for your toes. Then I had class and now I'm doing some house work. I need to find some motivation to work out because I've been slacking in that area the past few days. I hope ya'll had a great weekend and that your Monday is going well!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Friday and When Fashion Makes Me Sad

1. Yay for Friday! Thankfully this week went by fast for me. Two weeks left of school, then finals, and then I have four wonderful weeks to relax before summer school starts.
2. My mom and sister are currently on their way in to town so we can do some shoe shopping for my sister's prom.
3. Tomorrow Gabe's fraternity is having an alumni crawfish boil. This will be our first year attending since Gabe graduated and went alum. I'm excited to see all of our old friends and eat some yummy crawfish!
4. What to wear to a crawfish boil.... A dilemma every year.
5. I really love that I have gotten so many new followers this week! Thank you ladies!
6. My new swimsuits that I ordered from Victoria Secret came in today! Now it's time to really up the work outs...

Okay so now for another edition of When Fashion Makes Me Sad:
Ladies let me introduce to you a huge fashion FAIL. These horrendous boots come to you compliments of Louis Vuitton. They retail for $2,080.00

Gross. First they try to get me to buy a purse that looks like a trash bag, then those weird fox tail things, now this. Yuck! Stick to the classics LV.

Anyway what are your thoughts on these shoes? Have any fun weekend plans?
Have a great afternoon and weekend ya'll!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts

So Mother's Day is May 9th. Less than a month away. Have you thought about what you're getting that lovely lady that raised you? I love to give jewelry for gifts and I recently found Stella and Dot and I LOVE everything I see. I've already picked out what items I'm planning on giving my mom, step-mom, and Gabe's mom. I can't post pictures of those because I know my mom reads this. But here are some other items I really liked that could maybe give ya'll some ideas.

Venture on over to the website and check it out for yourself!

Also if you are a mother yourself, it might not be a bad idea to leave up the website with your favorite piece so your hubby could stumble upon it and maybe get the hint that you would love to have it. :) Trust me, this tactic works for all gift giving holidays. So does putting a picture of it on the refrigerator. (What?! I'm a woman who knows what she wants. That's not a bad thing!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Recent Drugstore Finds

So I'm one of those people who can't go into Target or Wal-Mart without buying 10 things that weren't on my list. I mean who doesn't need six different shampoos in their shower. Or three different types of toothpaste to choose from. My bathroom cabinets end up cluttered with half used bottles of different products. Anyway on a recent trip to Target I found John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal Hair. Well of course I had to try it because it smelled good. :)

Here's what John Frieda's website had to say about it:

"Invigorates and feeds the roots with a fresh tingle for bouncy, shiny hair that's noticeably more radiant and resilient with every use.
With natural Eucalyptus and peppermint oil, this formula stimulates the scalp with a cool, tingling sensation. Massaging your scalp encourages circulation, which will wake-up healthier-looking new growth.
Gently cleans without stripping."

My verdict? LOVE. It smells wonderful and left my hair very full and soft. Didn't weight it down at all. The shampoo has a tingling sensation that is nice on those mornings when you can barely open your eyes. The conditioner is perfect for fine hair that needs some moisture buy doesn't need anything to heavy. And it costs about $6 for each. If you like Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner, this is a great alternative.

Next up is body wash from Johnson and Johnson. The bottles are HUGE! And cost under $5. I tried the Feeling Healthy Green Tea Body wash and it's also a LOVE! It's very creamy and moisturizing and it smells wonderful. I have nothing bad to say about this body wash. I look forward to trying the others in this line.

Have any of ya'll ever used either of these products? If so what did you think about them?

Anyway, I'm off to study for my Anatomy test that I have in the morning. Wish me luck because I certainly need it! Have a great afternoon!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Super foods!

So as some of you may or may not know, I'm a big Superfoods fan. What is a super food you ask? Its a simple concept that some foods are better than others for your health. The book, SuperFoods, basically presents the Fabulous Fourteen. These foods are nutritional powerhouses that can literally change your life. They are proven to help prevent aging and ward off cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers, and even dementia. (Source SuperFoods book). Super foods include broccoli, oranges, spinach, pumpkin, turkey, soy, yogurt, walnuts, wild salmon, tea, beans, tomatoes, whole grains, and my personal favorite:


I eat blueberries daily through out the year. When they're in season, I of course love them fresh. But in the off season, I just buy the big bags of frozen blueberries and eat them like candy!

Lately I've also found another super food that I'm loving:


I've started buying a bag of frozen, dark, pitted cherries. They make for a delicious good for you snack and my super foods book recommends them as an alternative to blueberries. These babies are sweet enough to count as a dessert in my book. And to make them even better, I'll pair them with an once of dark chocolate (also good for you!)

What do ya'll think of super foods?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend re-cap

So this weekend was pretty wonderful! I'm sad that it's ending. Friday night we went out with friends for dinner and drinks to celebrate Chad and Charlie getting engaged!

Greg, Charlie, and Chad
Gabe, me, and Meghan
Saturday was a gorgeous day so Gabe and I decided to go to Petite Jean Mt. and spend the day exploring different trails and becoming one with nature. :)

This morning we got up, I made muffins and coffee, and we settled in to watch our church service online. Yes I know that's lazy to watch church online. It's not an every Sunday thing though. Now Gabe is playing golf and I have a clean apartment and a chocolate cake in the oven. Life is good! I'm also ignoring my homework until later because I'm just in to good of a mood to think about it. Hope ya'll had a great weekend as well!

Friday, April 9, 2010


So today's post will just be some random thoughts.

1. Tonight we are meeting some friends for dinner and drinks. Our friends Chad and Charlie just got engaged over Easter weekend so I can't wait to see her ring and talk wedding with her!

2. I have a good story for ya'll. So when I was in Dallas a few weeks ago I was sitting outside of a store waiting on my mom and sister. This lady walks up to me and I notice she is carrying the most gorgeous Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag. It was one of the super old ones that has been broken in to the point of perfection. The handles were so dark and it was just beautiful. I have my LV Speedy 35 sitting next to me and mine still looks brand spanking new. (Can't wait for my handles to darken!) Anyway she asks me if my bag is real and I tell her yes. Then she asks me about how much these bags are worth because she has no idea. I found this weird since she was carrying one. I gave her a ball park figure of how much they run and she tells me the reason she's asking is because she bought hers at an estate sale for $5!!!! It came with the original papers and was made in the 1960s! OMG I think its time I start going to estate sales.
3. I heart Jergens Natural Glow Foam. It works and it's nearly impossible to mess up on. Oh and it's cheap. It does have that weird self tanner smell but it goes away in about a minute because it drys so fast.

4. I also love this EOS lip balm. I got it at walgreens for about $3 and it's addicting. I think I just like how it looks like an egg.
5. I need some new book suggestions from ya'll. I mostly read chick lit so if anyone has read anything good lately let me know!
6. This weekend is the Arkansas Derby at Oaklawn and we're not going :( I'm sad because I love an excuse to wear a cute dress and a hat. And picking the horse's I want to bet on based on how cute their names are.
7. I got my hair done last week and it's a lot darker now. I just couldn't handle being so blonde right now. I felt like I was needing a new highlight like every 3 weeks. You can't really tell in my Easter pics I posted so I will try to get a good one this weekend.
8.I really can't wait for the new Sex in the City movie! Enough said.
9. I have some new followers and I'm thrilled! Thank you ladies for stopping by :)
10. School is absolutely taking over my life. Ok it already did this months ago but it's getting worse. I just keep thinking to myself it will all be worth it...
Anyway I'm ready for a fun weekend. The sun is shining the temps are warm. And I am determined not to think about school until Sunday afternoon. Have a lovely weekend ya'll!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's that time of year...

Ladies it's time to start thinking about swimsuit season. I realized today that in about a month Gabe and I will start spending weekends at the lake. This got me thinking that it's time to buy some new suits. I started with my old standby... Victoria Secret. I like buying swimsuits from there because they always fit. So I found two that I went ahead and ordered:

I'll also check out Dillards and see what they have to offer. Where do ya'll like to buy swimsuits from?