Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Friday and When Fashion Makes Me Sad

1. Yay for Friday! Thankfully this week went by fast for me. Two weeks left of school, then finals, and then I have four wonderful weeks to relax before summer school starts.
2. My mom and sister are currently on their way in to town so we can do some shoe shopping for my sister's prom.
3. Tomorrow Gabe's fraternity is having an alumni crawfish boil. This will be our first year attending since Gabe graduated and went alum. I'm excited to see all of our old friends and eat some yummy crawfish!
4. What to wear to a crawfish boil.... A dilemma every year.
5. I really love that I have gotten so many new followers this week! Thank you ladies!
6. My new swimsuits that I ordered from Victoria Secret came in today! Now it's time to really up the work outs...

Okay so now for another edition of When Fashion Makes Me Sad:
Ladies let me introduce to you a huge fashion FAIL. These horrendous boots come to you compliments of Louis Vuitton. They retail for $2,080.00

Gross. First they try to get me to buy a purse that looks like a trash bag, then those weird fox tail things, now this. Yuck! Stick to the classics LV.

Anyway what are your thoughts on these shoes? Have any fun weekend plans?
Have a great afternoon and weekend ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Thats so funny that you used the word "gross" to describe them. I looked at them and thought "those are disgusting", lol, seriously. Just terrible.

littledaisymay said...

Oh my! Those are awful!! I mean really...who would wear those?! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah said...

Those are the UGLIEST boots I've EVER seen! The sad thing is, some people will actually pay that for them because of the name!