Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding!!

So did any of you get up early to watch the Royal Wedding? You know I did! I set my alarm for 4 this morning and practically jumped out of bed when it went off. I was so excited!!

First off, Kate's dress was to die for! So classy! I had been hoping for a McQueen dress so I was absolutely over the moon by her choice.

At the start of the ceremony, when Will turned to her and told her she was beautiful, I teared up a little. It's very apparent how in love these two are.

All images via Google and Celebuzz

So beautiful! I also loved Pippa Middleton's MOH dress, also by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

Cheers William and Kate! We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend re-cap

Hey ya'll! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We had such a nice weekend and I'm sad to see it go!
Friday night Gabe and I went out for dinner and drinks

My outfit for the night:
Shirt: The Limited
Jeans: Seven For All Mankind Dojo
Necklace: The Limited
Watch: Michael Kors
Bangles: Forever 21
Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

After dinner we had a few drinks at my fabulous Aunt and Uncle's house. Which brings me to my new obsession:
Skinnygirl Margarita. Yum!!
Saturday, we slept in, got breakfast from one of our favorite local restaurants, and then went to see a movie. Of course I dragged Gabe to Water for Elephants!
I liked it. Didn't LOVE it, but I really did like it. I was a little disappointed at the lack of chemistry between Reece and Rob though.

Saturday night was spent laying on the couch because I didn't feel very well. One thing I hate about this time of year is my allergies!

Sunday morning, we got up early for church

My Easter outfit
Please excuse my awkward posing.
Dress: Banana Republic
Cardi: Target
Shoes:  Aldo from a few years ago

We experienced such a beautiful and moving service. It was something that Gabe and I both really needed.

After church we headed over to my Dad and step-mom's house for coffee. Then we headed to my Memo's house for lunch with the entire family. It was such a wonderful day! 
My cousin Meagan is a really talented artist and every year she makes "eggheads" of my Memo and all of her grandchildren.
Me and Gabe's eggheads

Memo and her grandkids!

It was a pretty fabulous weekend! I hope you all had a great Easter and weekend! 
Have a good Monday ya'll!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have read on a few blogs lately about how some bloggers make their life seem so perfect. Sometimes I wonder if I am one of those people. I am not the type to ever air my dirty laundry to anyone and I also try to always think on the positive side. The world we live in is filled with so much sadness at times that I just try to create this little bubble on my blog that is only filled with the fun stuff. That being said, I think it's important to admit that we are not perfect. We all have little flaws and imperfections that make us who we are. So I'll tell you a little about mine:

  • I am a sugar addict. I always talk about eating healthy on here, but I consume way to much sugar on a daily basis. My cravings get so bad that I actually had Gabe take me to get ice cream during all of the tornado stuff we had Tuesday night. 
  • I pray every day, but I don't make it to church all that often. I feel like a hypocrite for that. Here I am talking to God on a daily basis, but I can't seem to get up early enough one day a week to go to church and praise him. This is becoming more and more of a problem to me. And this is one of my flaws that I not only NEED  to change, but want to change. 
  • I watch way to much tv. It's almost an obsession. Gabe and I have actually had arguments over tv shows. Ridiculous!
  • I have horrible vision, but I don't wear contacts because they are uncomfortable to me. I also don't wear glasses because I'm a little vain. I plan on just letting my vision get a little worse over the next few years and then get lasik.
  • I don't always get along with my in-laws. And this is frustrating. 
  • I already mentioned that I am vain. I obsess over my skin and hair and my clothes. It drives my friends and my fiance crazy. 
  • I can't cook. Or I guess I just don't want to. I usually let Gabe do this.
  • I am OCD about cleaning. And I have a hard time letting anyone help me clean because I am convinced that they will do it wrong. This is why I hate letting Gabe load the dishwasher. I will literally have to fix the way he loads it. The only chores he is allowed to do is fold towels and take out the trash. 
  • I am always late. For everything. It doesn't matter how early I get up, I will be running late in the morning. I am so bad about this that my parents and Gabe have both started telling me that we need to be somewhere at 6 if we actually have to be there by 6:30. 
  • I spend to much money. No explanation needed.
  • I cry over commercials
  • I am bad about keeping in touch with people. I will go days without calling my family or any of my friends because I just get so caught up in my day to day life. 
  • I like to sleep. A lot.
  • I am the opposite of a hoarder. I throw away everything. And I mean everything. Like Gabe's tax stuff from last year... Yeah that caused some problems!
  • I am terrified of having children because I am convinced I will be a horrible mother.
  • I am scared of the dark so sleep with the tv on. 
  • I had a car wreck the summer after my senior year of high school. Since then I have been so scared of driving and I only drive when I have to. 
  • That being said, I'm also so scared of losing someone I love in a car wreck.
So what are some of your imperfections?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Show Some Skin!

So I started writing this post a month ago and I decided I needed to get it finished before it's irrelevant!

I always talk about skin care for the face on here, but I rarely touch on our skin from the neck down. With the rising temperatures and the Spring and Summer clothes coming out of storage, I think it's time I gave ya'll the run down on my routine.

Great looking skin starts in the shower. I wash with a moisturizing body wash such as:
St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Moisturizing Body Wash

Next up it's time to exfoliate. This is important to do multiple times a week. Removing dead skin and promoting new skin cell turnover is key to having smooth, glowing skin all over. You need a different exfoliator for your body than what you would use on your face and neck. The skin on your body is thicker and can handle something that's a little more heavy duty. A few of my favorites are:
Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Body
It's a little on the expensive side but is amazing because it has papaya and pumpkin enzymes, glycolic and lactic acids, plus caffeine to tighten skin. It runs around $65 at sephora.

If you are on a budget like I am most of the time there are still some great options for you.

Giovanni Hot Chocolate Scrub
I have reviewed this one before on here and I still love it. It costs around $13 at the drugstore and it lasts a long time. Plus it smells divine!

When exfoliating, you want to start at the shoulders and work your way down to your feet!

Post-shower it's time to get your glow on. I use the Jergens Natural Glow line. I'm partial to the foam because it dries soooo fast!
It's important when buying a gradual self tanner that you buy the color you are starting out. Not the color you want to be. If you have super fair skin then you need the lightest color. This will ensure that you get the most natural looking color. I use this almost daily in the spring and summer. (during the winter just a couple times a week) If you are looking for quicker and deeper color, then you need to use a regular self tanner. I have used the Fake Bake line in the past and it has worked well for me.

You definitely need to use gloves when applying this! And patience with drying time.

If you are done with your gradual self tanner or you are skipping it all together, the next step is to moisturize.
If you are using the Jergens foam, you can pretty much apply moisturizer immediately. If you did skip self tanner, the best time to apply moisturizer is actually while you are still in the shower. Turn off the water and semi dry yourself off. Apply body lotion while there is still a little water on your skin to lock in the moisture.

I usually buy body lotion on the cheap because I use so much of it! Pretty much anything from Jergens or Johnsons is great. My favorites are:

Jergens Overnight Repair
Jergens Ultra Healing

Johnson's Deep Hydrating Extra Dry Skin Lotion

After coating myself in body lotion I put on a long cotton robe or some cotton pants and a t shirt and just kinda let it all soak in. I also apply foot cream and put on some socks!

That's my body skin care routine! I also drink a ton of water and green tea, eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and take an omega 3 supplement. These things also help with the appearance and texture of your skin.

What are some of your favorite body products?

Kate Spade Wedding Belles

So I know I'm not the first to blog on the greatness that is Kate Spade Wedding Belles, but I couldn't resist sharing some of my favorites.

I have to have this "Mrs." necklace!

Possible wedding shoes?? Hmmm...
 Have a good day ya'll!