Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- China Pattern

Happy wedding Wednesday ya'll!! So today I wanted to show you our china pattern that we picked! I love formal china. I'm always shocked when I check friends registries and they didn't register for china!! I was raised in a traditional southern family so of course I registered for china and crystal. I prefer a minimalist look when it comes to china. This is probably because my mom and my Nonnie both have simple patterns.         

So I opted for:

Kate Spade Belle Boulevard

I mean really are you surprised I went with Kate Spade? Haha You all know by now I'm a woman obsessed. I love the feminine bow detailing with the platinum band.  I'm so excited!! I'm already picturing hosting my first Thanksgiving at our house and setting the table with these beauties. :)
Have a fabulous Wednesday ya'll!


Marian said...

Thats the exact same China we registered for!! And let me tell you, it is perfect:)

Megan said...

Love your blog!!! so cute!!!