Friday, April 9, 2010


So today's post will just be some random thoughts.

1. Tonight we are meeting some friends for dinner and drinks. Our friends Chad and Charlie just got engaged over Easter weekend so I can't wait to see her ring and talk wedding with her!

2. I have a good story for ya'll. So when I was in Dallas a few weeks ago I was sitting outside of a store waiting on my mom and sister. This lady walks up to me and I notice she is carrying the most gorgeous Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag. It was one of the super old ones that has been broken in to the point of perfection. The handles were so dark and it was just beautiful. I have my LV Speedy 35 sitting next to me and mine still looks brand spanking new. (Can't wait for my handles to darken!) Anyway she asks me if my bag is real and I tell her yes. Then she asks me about how much these bags are worth because she has no idea. I found this weird since she was carrying one. I gave her a ball park figure of how much they run and she tells me the reason she's asking is because she bought hers at an estate sale for $5!!!! It came with the original papers and was made in the 1960s! OMG I think its time I start going to estate sales.
3. I heart Jergens Natural Glow Foam. It works and it's nearly impossible to mess up on. Oh and it's cheap. It does have that weird self tanner smell but it goes away in about a minute because it drys so fast.

4. I also love this EOS lip balm. I got it at walgreens for about $3 and it's addicting. I think I just like how it looks like an egg.
5. I need some new book suggestions from ya'll. I mostly read chick lit so if anyone has read anything good lately let me know!
6. This weekend is the Arkansas Derby at Oaklawn and we're not going :( I'm sad because I love an excuse to wear a cute dress and a hat. And picking the horse's I want to bet on based on how cute their names are.
7. I got my hair done last week and it's a lot darker now. I just couldn't handle being so blonde right now. I felt like I was needing a new highlight like every 3 weeks. You can't really tell in my Easter pics I posted so I will try to get a good one this weekend.
8.I really can't wait for the new Sex in the City movie! Enough said.
9. I have some new followers and I'm thrilled! Thank you ladies for stopping by :)
10. School is absolutely taking over my life. Ok it already did this months ago but it's getting worse. I just keep thinking to myself it will all be worth it...
Anyway I'm ready for a fun weekend. The sun is shining the temps are warm. And I am determined not to think about school until Sunday afternoon. Have a lovely weekend ya'll!


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a good self tanner, I get scared to try new ones though- I'll have to check this one out! Have you tried the darker or the lighter one? My boyfriend's mom is in real estate and appraisals, so I love going to estate sales and seeing all the great stuff that sells for such small amounts of money! It's crazy.

I finished reading the Nicholas Sparks book "The Last Song" like ten minutes ago (I figured I'd read it before I saw the movie). It will definitely make you cry, I had to put it down a few times before I could continue reading towards the end, lol, intense, but it was one of the better books I've read in a while.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Kaley said...

I use the darker one and it looks very natural. Thanks for the book suggestion! I've been thinking about reading The Last Song for awhile. I'm a sucker for those Nicholas Sparks tear jerkers. Haha.

Trish said...

Hi Miss Kaley! Oh I am ticked to try your self tanner, that sounds great! I too am dying with excitement over SATC 2. I actually posted the extended trailer today!

Hope you have the happiest weekend!! XOXO

Kaley said...

That extended trailor has me even more excited! I knew they would bring Aiden back somehow! I just hope that by the end of the movie Carrie and Big are still together!

M said...


Haley said...

Hi! Just found your blog through Life with Leah. I've been reading some posts of yours and I've liked what Ive read...

As far as book suggestions I absolutely love live live Nicholas sparks but also "Sundays at Tiffanys" by James
Patterson will definately make your heart melt!! Also something borrowed by Emily Giffon is good too!! :)