Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why do weekends go by so fast?!

I can't believe it's already Sunday evening! The older I get the faster my weekends go by. Friday we had dinner at Gabe's parents house to celebrate his youngest sister turning 18! I can't believe she will be starting college in the fall. After dinner we headed to my parents house to spend the night. We had some pretty nasty thunderstorms that night and in to Saturday morning. Luckily the sun started coming out just in time for my sister to start getting ready for her prom. I did her makeup for the big event and she looked absolutely gorgeous! Can you believe she's only 16? I think she looks older than me most of the time haha.

Prom dresses sure have come a long way since my high school days. (I mean my senior prom was only 5 years ago and they look so different now). Anyway, she had a really good time and looked great! Last night, Gabe and I drove back to Conway and settled in for a night of drinking wine and watching SNL. To be honest those are my favorite kind of nights. Today has been a lazy day for me. I've just cleaned the apartment and started studying for some finals. I have a ton of projects due this week and a major presentation so I'm apologizing in advance for my lack of posts this week. I'm considering just moving my bed into the library since that's where I will be living for the next week and a half.
Did ya'll have a good weekend? Anything exciting happen? By the way ya'lls comments on my old cheer pics cracked me up. The secret to those abs were about 25 hours a week of practice and working out. Not realistic now days for me sadly. I am looking for a new workout though. I'm pretty bored with my usual elliptical and/or running routine. Feel free to toss some ideas my way! :)
Have a great Sunday night!!


littledaisymay said...

Cute pictures! And I agree...prom dresses look so much different than they did even 6 years ago when I went to my senior prom :)

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

She looks absolutely beautiful and that dress is stunning!!!!!!!! :)

Short Southern Momma said...

You and your sister are beautiful! My prom was 11 years ago and boy..dresses have came along way! Hope you survive the next week and a half! xoxo

Jen said...

Two beautiful girls!!! And wow, that dress is amazing! You're sure right about prom dresses and when we went... the ruffles have certainly disappeared! ;-)