Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend re-cap

Sometimes it seems like the weekends don't even happen! I'm sitting here on Sunday afternoon wondering where my relaxing downtime went?! Friday night the boyfriend and I drove the 45 min to his hometown to watch his little sister play basketball and to have dinner with his fam. His sister's team won! (they actually mercy ruled the other team! haha) After a wonderful dinner out we drove another 30 min to my mom's house and stayed the night there. Saturday we had to get up early because we had some family come in for lunch. We watched Razorback basketball after our meal. (Beat Auburn in OT! Wooo Pig!) My sister and I did a little bit of shopping (budget what?)that afternoon and both got super cute shirts and I found a fabulous pair of earrings that I really need to post some pics of. Saturday night was girls night! Summer, Kelli, and I met up for dinner and drinks at Old Chicago. Lots of gossip and Old C iced teas made for a wonderful night. This morning the boy and I had breakfast before he went to play soccer. I'm supposed to be doing homework now before the SUPER BOWL! But I can't seem to find the motivation. The curse of Sunday afternoon. We're going over to my dad's to watch the game here in a little bit. I'll leave you with of pic of me and my girls and a GEAUX SAINTS!!!!


Summer Leigh* said...

not gonna lie...hate that pic but that night totally made up for it! :) YAY for old chicago iced teas!!

Kaley said...

I don't really like the picture either but the night was to much fun not to document it! :)