Friday, February 19, 2010


1. I got my hair done yesterday! I always feel so refreshed when I walk out of the salon with fresh highlights. I went blonder and had her fix my bangs. They were way to heavy and driving me crazy. I definitely walked away happy from this one.

2. Tonight is date night!!! Yay! The bf and I have both been SUPER busy this week so we've hardly spent anytime together. I'm looking forward to dinner and a movie together. I really want to go see the new Leo movie Shutter Island. Anyone else think it looks good?

3. I really really want to go to the horse races this weekend. I haven't been to Oaklawn once since the season started and the weather is actually not supposed to be freezing this weekend. Maybe I can convince the bf to go.

4. It's Lent. Which means no meat today. Isn't it funny how on Friday EVERYTHING seems to have meat in it. I hardly ever eat meat but for some reason I woke up today wanting steak for dinner tonight! Looks like we'll be having sushi or something like that though.

5. Speaking of Lent I haven't told ya'll what I gave up yet. Drum roll please.... I am giving up talking about getting engaged. Why you ask? Because I'm tired of people asking me when it's gonna happen and I feel like if I talk about it to people they feel sorry for me or something. Actually I'm quite content with Gabe and I's situation. We're very happy so people don't worry that we're not engaged yet.

6. It's FRIDAY!!! No explanation needed.

7. I have a test in two hours and I really need to study for it so I should probably quit playing around.

Hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!!!! Any big plans?


sLc. said...

soooooo PROUD of what you're giving up for lent...i mean seriously..pat yourself on the back :) and u know i'm gonna hold u to that!!

Kaley said...

Ha! It's been hard I'm not gonna lie. I have to dodge that certain question multiple times a day!