Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cold Weather Blues

So this cold, snowy weather has me kind of down. I'm a warm weather kind of girl and one thing I have always loved about living in Arkansas in the winter is that one day it can be 40 degrees and 65 the next. But that just hasn't been the case this year. I could never live up north because I honestly don't know how people deal with the bitter cold for months at a time. And I really miss wearing heels. I've been wearing Uggs and rainboots for waaaay to long. So to get me through another cold day I've made a wish list of things I want for Spring. ( Not that I can afford all of them but oh well! Tiffany and Co. Amethyst Cocktail Ring.

This would be perfect for V Day from a certain boyfriend (Hint Hint)

Pier 1 Sunflower Mirror

This would be perfect in my living room!

White House Black Market Romper

A sweet little puppy like this one would definitely brighten my day!

Christian Louboutin Pique Sandals

A beach!!! Preferably Turks and Caicos. I would give anything to be right there right now.

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