Monday, February 8, 2010


Well it has decided to snow insanely here in Arkansas. We've already received around 7 inches here in central Arkansas and it's showing no signs of stopping. Luckily for me, my class was cancelled today! And to make things even better, Gabe got to leave work early so now we're both home enjoying being snowed in.
On days like today I'm so glad that I have an elliptical machine in my apartment because there is NO WAY I would be getting out and going to the gym right now. We've had such a rainy year that I haven't been able to go outside and run almost at all. So I found an elliptical at Academy that I told my mom to get me for Christmas. It has been AMAZING! Seriously the best present I have ever received because I really do use it every day. This is the one I got.

I needed one small enough to fit in my tiny apartment.I really would love to have a good treadmill too, but the only place I could probably put it would be my kitchen and that just seems weird :) When I have a house I plan to have a full home gym, but this works for now.

Hope everyone is staying warm today!


Summer Leigh* said...

i'm seriously jealous of your elliptical!!! ugh~!!!

Kaley said...

It's still on sale! You should get one!