Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Noisy neighbor and Anatomy test domination.

Random title huh? Let me explain... I have a few very noisy neighbors in my apartment building. The guy that lives to the left of me is around 50 years old and recently divorced and must be going through some sort of midlife crisis. He blares music 24/7 and has parties quite often. And not grown up parties, beer pong playing and grilling out college type parties. The couple that lives above me just moved in two weeks ago and I think they have yet to sleep or leave the apartment. I hear them ALL THE TIME! They are probably in their mid to late 30s so I had assumed they would be relatively quiet. It honestly sounds like they are doing jumping jacks with ankle weights on for most of the day. My apartment complex is a very nice one that is on a golf course and not all of my neighbors are atrocious. There's the nice retired dentist that always has a smile on his face and is NEVER loud. He has a cute old lady girlfriend that comes to visit him and he still works out with a trainer! There is the college boys from Louisiana to the right of me. They are both in grad school so they probably study more than I do. I rarely ever hear them. I find it a little amusing that it's the college students in this building who are the quietest. Anyway enough of my ranting. One to the other important thing of the day. I had my bone practical for my Anatomy class today. There are 206 bones in the skeleton and I had the joy of memorizing every. single. one. of them. Not just the names, but where they are in the body and what they do. So after weeks of studying and a very emotional nervous breakdown yesterday (and my threats to Gabe that I was going to drop out of school) I got up this morning ready to take on the skeletal system. I left feeling pretty confident. No I don't think I made an A but I don't think I failed miserably. :) Hopefully I'll find out my grade by tomorrow morning. I know lots of people have had to do this in college, but this test literally traumatized me. Anyway on to happier and lighter things! It's beautiful and sunny today and it's supposed to be in the mid 60s this weekend. So you know what that means?!?! Horse races!!! Yay! Now the question of what to wear... I'll be pondering this for the rest of the week.

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful day!

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