Thursday, March 4, 2010

My daily skin care routine (face)

So I'm pretty big on having a good skincare routine. Everyone is different and needs different products. I have dry, sensitive skin so it takes some experimenting for me to find things that work for me. These are my favorite one's I've found:

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser- I have used this cleanser since i was probably 11. My mom has used it for probably 30 years and her skin looks 10 years younger than her age. Its not harsh and it removes all my makeup and eye makeup. And the best thing? It's super affordable. I don't see the need to spend tons on cleanser because it's only on your skin less than a minute.

Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash (Sephora)- Since I do have sensitive skin, I need an exfoliator that isn't too abrasive. I use this about 3 times a week.

Boots N0 7 Soft & Soothe Gentle Toner (Target)- I'm a little old school and I still use a toner. I know theres always been controversy in the skin care industry if a toner is really needed or not. I'm not a dermatologist so I don't know the correct answer, but this is really gentle and not drying at all. Plus, it gets the very last of my make up off at night and I feel like it preps my skin for the next step.

Merle Norman LUXIVA Energizing Concentrate- This serum is AMAZING! It really goes deep to moisturize. As I have mentioned before I worked for Merle Norman and this was my favorite product. If you have dry skin that even a moisturizer can't relieve, try this. It's super lightweight and it really smooths the skin. I can also tell a difference in my skin tone when I'm using this. It just looks more even and glowing.

Neutrogena Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration SPF 25- This is a great day moisturizer for me because it's simple and it has sunscreen. I'm in my early 20s so I don't need alot for my face, but I do want to prevent lines and wrinkles. Since I have dry skin, it's important to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And of course the best way to prevent aging... SPF and staying out of the sun!

Patricia Wexler M.D. Intensive Night Reversal & Repair Cream with MMPi 20 (Bath and Body Works) - Your skin heals itself while your sleeping so it's important to use a moisturizer that will help your skin along at night. I love this because it's packed with peptides and Vit. C. which are important for combating the aging process. It's also more of a gel cream formula so while it delivers alot of moisture, it doesn't feel heavy.

Neutrogena Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration Eye Cream- The skin around your eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the skin on your face. This area deserves special attention even in your 20s. I preach prevention people. If you take care of your skin now when your young, it will save you alot of grief in the future. This is a great basic eye cream for younger skin. The only downside- it doesn't have SPF. So make sure you have some big sunglasses with you!
Hope someone finds this helpful. Alot of young women neglect their skin because they think it doesn't matter right now. But studies show that a majority of damage is done before your 25. So if you don't have a skin care routine, get one!
Have a great afternoon!

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