Friday, March 19, 2010

Ghosts of Spring Break Past

So to celebrate me officially being on Spring Break as of 1 hour ago, I have decided to share some pics of my favorite college SB memories.
There are sadly no pics from 09 because I didn't do a dang thing last year except sleep.

2008. (Junior Year) Panama City Florida! We had a group of around 40 spend a week at the beach. Too much fun! That's me in the middle. (holding a very large drink, sorry mom!) That's a very young looking Gabe sitting next to me haha. I was very tan when I was 20!

Spring Break 07! (Sophmore Year) This year was spent hanging out in Conway having lots of girls nights. It ended with a random road trip to Hot Springs to stay at a friends lake house. There I am second to last on the right.

2006! My freshman year! So 06 was a little complicated. I was a cheerleader at the time and we actually had our "hell week" during spring break. That means we had 3 a days for the entire week. Not much fun. But, it all payed off two weeks later when we got to go to Daytona Fl for NCA College Nationals! We spent a week at the beach doing our favorite thing. (payed for by UCA) We ended up getting 2nd place that year! These are two pics of the squad. The first one is us the day we arrived. I'm on the left on the end doing the ultimate cheerleader pose.

This one was taken on the beach right after awards!

So there ya have it! This years spring break will be pretty tame. I will be doing absolutely nothing but relaxing the first half of the week. I'll definitely be treating myself to a pedicure! The second half of the week, Gabe and I are heading to Dallas with my fam to shop shop shop! I cannot wait! Anyway it's beautiful out today so I'm about to head out for a run! Have a wonderful Friday ya'll.


Sarah said...

Love your "blast from the past" Spring Break pics! Mine would probably be too x-rated for my blog:)
You're right, Spring Break gets tamer and tamer each year. This week I have: gotten my hair cut/highlighted, shopped, painted, and took care of some bank business. Not nearly the wild, all night parties at the beach that Spring Break used to consist of!

Kaley said...

Haha today when everyone was packing up for the beach, I was picking up dry cleaning and getting groceries. I did go tan though so I would at least look like I went somewhere fun. :)

Jenn said...

Umm can I have your stomach please?!