Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Super Food Chocolate Milk

Hey ya'll! Hope everyone is having a good Thursday. Is it just me, or is this week going by super slow? I have woken up twice this week thinking it was Saturday, only to be disappointed. Anywho, on to today's post. One of my favorite treats lately has been my super food chocolate milk. The recipe is so easy and it's really a feel good treat. 

  1. Organic Honey- I drizzle a little of this in my glass to sweeten.
  2. Unsweetened Cocoa- 1/4 tsp is all it takes for flavor and an antioxidant boost. 
  3. Amazing Grass Green Superfood powder- 1 heaping scoop. Love this stuff. I add it to smoothies, juice, on top of fruit, and anything else I can think of. This greens powder helps you achieve your 5-9 daily servings of fruits and veggies. It gives you amazing energy, helps boost your immune system, is made of raw, whole food ingredients, and has probiotics and enzymes to aid in digestion and absorption. You can buy it at Whole Foods, GNC, or the amazing grass website. 
  4. Cinnamon- I sprinkle cinnamon on everything. I have read so many studies on it's health benefits! It has been shown to help reduce inflammation, help regulate blood sugar, sooth upset stomach, improved brain function, lower cholesterol, helps with headaches, the list goes on and on..... 
  5. Unsweetened Almond Milk- I add 6-8 oz to my glass. I love almond milk for many reasons. It's lower in calories than cow's milk. Actually has more calcium and protein. I don't have to worry about added hormones and antibiotics that we have to worry about in cow's milk these day's. And it's easier on my stomach. If you have never tried it, I highly recommend it. 
Wisk all of these ingredients in a glass and enjoy! 

And yes, it's green. If you can get over the fact that you're drinking green chocolate milk, you will love it! It's good for when you are needing a chocolate fix or even a breakfast drink. So try it out!

Have a good day!


Pamela said...

um YUM that sounds delicious i need to try!! This week has been so weird for me. Monday I thought it was friday and tuesday I thought it was monday - just an off week I guess! but thank god it is thursday!! :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds healthier than just plain chocolate milk! I've already gone through half a gallon this week. Does it actually taste like plain chocolate milk? If so I can probably get over the fact that it's green! Ha!