Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Blogging- Long post!

Yikes! It's been awhile! With Christmas, Gabe's birthday, and New Years, I've been extremely busy! On top of that we were without Internet for 5 days! First things first, how was your Christmas? Mine was absolutely amazing! We did 3 Christmas's in 24 hours. It was crazy busy, but so much fun. I got everything on my list and more. A few of my favorite items:

- The Michael Kors watch I have been wanting from Gabe

-Kate Spade Gold Coast Maryanne bag from my mom and step-dad. This bag is a classic and looks amazing in real life. I had been lusting after it for like 8 months. I LOVE it!

-a cruise to the Caribbean in March for Gabe and me from my dad and step-mom. I finally get a vacation!

-new Uggs- hate on them if you will. I don't care because they are so comfy and warm

-a Keurig coffee maker.

- Kate Spade Twirl perfume. This smells amazing!

-a new pair of D&G sunglasses from my fabulous aunt and uncle

- a Yantra Mat!! Full review of this baby coming soon!
- a few more place settings of my dishes and the serving platter and bowl that goes with my set

- some itunes gift cards so I could download some new books to my ipad. I've been a reading machine during my break!
and so many other goodies that I can't even start to list them on!

Gabe and me Christmas night at his parents

I have felt so blessed since Christmas. I honestly didn't ask for anything other than the Kate Spade bag this year so I wasn't expecting all of this! To be honest, this year I was more excited about the gifts that I gave. I put a lot of time and thought into the gifts I bought for my parents and siblings this year. This year was really the first year I've had the money to gift like a grown up. I loved watching their faces when they opened their presents!

Anyway, the week after Christmas my sister came to stay with me a night while Gabe was at deer camp with my dad and brother. We had sister bonding time, stayed up late watching movies, and got mani/pedi's together. So much fun! The 30th was Gabe's 24th birthday. We went to Little Rock where I treated him to lunch and we did a little shopping. Then we had dinner with his parents that night.
New Year's Eve we went over to one of G's co-workers house to ring in 2011. We had so much fun and stayed out way to late. I didn't get many pictures over the break because my camera is on it's last leg. I'm hoping to get new one in the upcoming months.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2011! I'm getting married this year!! Oh my goodness let the wedding obsession begin! But this week will be filled with job applications for me. So say a prayer that I find some sort of career path soon! Have a good Tuesday afternoon ya'll!


Marian said...

Wow, you must have been on the "Nice" list this year;) You got some great loot!! Love the MK watch and I totally understand your love for Uggs. I've always loved my pairs!!

And yay for wedding year!!!

MJ said...

Great picture of you two, so cute! Love that watch...

Jules said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas filled with family and awesome gifts! That Michael Kors watch is still on my lust list. Keurig coffee makers rock. You will love it. I’m with you on the Uggs. They’re so comfortable and I don’t care if people think they’re Ugg-ly ;)

Your cruise sounds like a blast. We just booked one for April and I cannot wait. I’m ready for some sun and fun!