Friday, January 7, 2011

Recent Sephora Purchases

Happy Friday!!! Everybody do their happy dance! So I haven't talked about any skincare or beauty products in like a month. What's wrong with me?! So today I bring you my recent Sephora purchases. And just so you know they all have my stamp of approval.

First up,
Korres Yogurt Mask

As you have all probably gathered by now my skin is painfully dry in the winter. I love moisturizing masks with all of my heart because they're the easiest way to soothe dry, yucky skin while making it smoother and look healthier. I was in Sephora back in November and I received some samples of this mask. I was cautious at first because it said it was for oily and dehydrated skin. ??? My skin is dehydrated but definitely not oily! But the girl at Sephora told me she swears by it and that I would love it. So I tried it out that night and OMG I was in love. It smell divine and felt so good on my face. It had almost a cooling effect on my skin and when I wiped it off, I had no irritation and my skin was glowing and smooth. I was hooked immediately. Over the next week I used the rest of my samples and then went back to Sephora to buy a jar. It was sold out! So I'm thinking no problem, I can order it online. Sold out there too! My local Sephora finally got it back in stock and I've been smooth and hydrated ever since.

While also perusing the Korres section I picked up some Pomegranate lip butter.
If you haven't tried this stuff before, go buy it now! I have loved this for a while now. It soothes your lips with Shea butter and delivers a sheer wash of color. I love it for a daytime lip color. You can also try using it as a blush when your in a pinch. That's why I love carrying it in my bag.

And lastly, I bought Anastasia Brow Powder Duo
I have next to no eyebrows.They are so thin! And I've learned over the past few years I need to fill them in so they look somewhat normal. I have used every type of brow filler under the sun. Pencils, sticky liquid stuff that comes in what looks like a mascara tube, and powders. I'm definitely a powder girl. I think it looks the most natural. Problem is I have had such a hard time finding a good color for me. It's always either too light or too dark.  Thankfully Anastasia is like the eyebrow queen and her line has so many different options. I bought the medium ash and it's perfect! I need to do a before and after for ya'll just to show the difference this has made for me. I'm in love. Even when I'm not wearing makeup now, I at least have to do my brows. Gabe thinks this is kind of creepy but whatever!

So that's it! I could honestly buy out the entire stock at Sephora. I spend hours in there. I can't help it. I'm a beauty junkie.
Hope you all have a great weekend! For the first time in MONTHS we have nothing planned. I don't even remember what having no plans feels like. I'm so excited!


Ann said...

i've been wanting to find a mask becuase my face is so dry! i will have to look into this one! thanks for the recomendation

intel said...

Korres Yogurt Mask - I can't say much that the other reviews haven't said, just wanted to add my A+ rating. I use this as an eye mask as well and it hydrates beautifully. Since i have dry-ish skin I kind of ignore the mask instructions and leave it on as long as i have time, then simply rub off the excess that hasn't absorbed and follow with my toner, no rinsing necessary.

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