Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What in my bag?

I always love posts that show what people have in their handbags! So I decided to show ya'll what's in mine! It's really not that interesting, but I figured there were a few out there like me who are nosy about these things :)

The bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. My Dad and Step-mom gave me this bag for Christmas last year. It's the most amazing bag ever. It goes with everything, holds everything, and just gets better with age.
1. Sunglasses- Dolce and Gabbana. I never go anywhere without them!
2. Red Coach Poppy wristlet- I use this to keep my camera in.
3. My UCA alumni pin that they gave me at graduation. I just threw it in my bag after the ceremony.
4. Hobo wallet- this thing holds EVERYTHING! I can store my entire life in this.
5. pen, gum, nail file, lotion- because every girl needs these things in her bag.

Not pictured- my phone and keys! When I'm at home my keys are on a table in my room and my phone is always in my hand!

I keep all of my cosmetic items in my Louis Vuitton cosmetic case. (another gifts from the parents)
1. Kleenex- because no one looks attractive with a runny nose
2. Tide to go pen- I get something on my shirt EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. This saves me from looking like a total slob.
3. sample size Lancome Tresor in Love perfume. I like to smell good throughout the day. You never know who you might run in to!
4. Colgate Wisps- I have an obsession with brushing my teeth. I just feel gross if I can't brush after I eat, so these things are a lifesaver!
5. comb, ponytail holder, and bobby pins- just in case!
6. Lip gloss, eye drops, a mini pressed powder, and eye brightening concealer- for when I need to freshen up a bit after a long day.

And there you have it! That's whats in my bag! So, what's in your bag ladies?


Scientific Housewife said...

Awesome stuff and I love the bag :)

Tatum-LeTard said...

I love that I just ran across your blog!!! 1) congrats on the engagement! 2) I love your bag and everything in it (looks like mine) and 3) were you on UCA Staff? I work for Varsity so thought it was neat to run across a fellow cheerleader! "Cheers!" and have a great holiday!

Jen said...

I love these posts! I love these posts! And dang girl, your bag is filled with some major goodies!

Happy Monday Darling! xo

Oh, and have you added your city info to Location Central yet? It's where you see who blogs by you. So Cool!!


Kate said...

New follower here: What brand of concealer do you use...? I haven't been able to find one that will last in my purse for more than a month?

Kaley said...

Hey Kate! Thanks for following. To answer your question, I use two types of concealer: in the morning when I'm getting ready I use Clinique line smoothing concealer. In my purse, for touch ups, I carry Neutrogena healthy skin brightening eye perfector.