Monday, December 20, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

I was totally going to post pics of my tree a few weeks ago and of course got busy and forgot. No problem, because now that I have absolutely nothing to do I can catch up on my blog posts! We had an issue with our tree this year and ended up having to buy a new one the day after Thanksgiving. I love big, huge trees. But we live in an apartment right now so we had to go with a skinnier tree. No big deal though. We have made the best of it :)

I'm so proud of myself for having the Christmas shopping done and wrapped weeks ago!

Coffee Table

Entertainment Center: The gold trees have lights in them. They didn't show up very good for this pic.

One of our bookshelves

My younger (future) sis-in-law gave me this snowman cookie jar with some amazing cookies a few weeks ago. I think it's so cute!

I found this tray at Hobby Lobby last month. I thought it would be good to hold Christmas and Graduation cards. I'm also loving these reindeer napkins!

And that's all of my Christmas decor! I'm so ready to have a house so I can REALLY decorate for the holidays. I can't wait to have multiple Christmas trees that are way over the top. Haha.

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