Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend re-cap: Hogs game and pumpkin carving

Well Monday is upon us again. It's rainy and gloomy hear today so I'm working from home. By working I mean trying to figure out why my computer has been having so many problems connecting to the program my online class runs off of. The class I'm taking is actually through Texas A&M not UCA so I've been on the phone with their IT department all morning. Hopefully we have the problem solved and I can get on with this class.
Anyway, how was ya'lls weekend? Ours was pretty good! We seriously went to bed at like 8:30 Friday night because we were leaving for Fayetteville at 6 am on Sat. (which meant I had to get up at 4 to work out and get ready) We had a great time at the game! The first half we stayed pretty dry, but during the second half there were a few rain delays. Luckily my parents have parking right next to the stadium so we just ran to the car during the first rain delay instead of staying under the stadium. After awhile we just decided to go watch the rest of the game from a restaurant on Dickson. Anyway, the Hogs beat Ole Miss!! Despite the rain, we had so much fun!

We came back to Conway after the game Saturday. And I was in bed by 9:30 that night!
Sunday, we got up and did our usual breakfast date at Panera. Then we drove around to look at a few houses that we were interested in. We spent the afternoon laying around and watching the Ghost Adventures marathon on the Travel Channel :) I decided to go watch Gabe's soccer game in North Little Rock even though it looked stormy outside. We had planned to go to Little Rock after his game to make a trip to Whole Foods. (Conway doesn't have very good grocery store choices). The minute we pulled up to the soccer field, it started lightening. I told Gabe I would stay in the truck while they were warming up because I didn't want to get out in the lightening. Well as soon as Gabe walked across the field the tornado sirens started going off!! Of course I freak out and start yelling at Gabe that we needed to go NOW! Well my smarty pants fiance decides we'll still drive to Little Rock (where the tornado's are!) to get groceries. I keep telling him to turn around and go back to Conway and he finally pulled over in Maumelle (where my dad and step-mom live) when it started hailing and we saw a funnel cloud. We rode out the rest of the storm at my parents and ended up going back to Conway without groceries.
It was just gross weather the rest of the night so we decided it was the perfect time to carve our pumpkin. I wanted our pumpkin to look like Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas

 I think he turned out pretty good! Anyway I hope ya'll are having a good Monday!


Polish and Pearls said...

We've had some scary storms here in TN and VA, too!
Love the pumpkin :)

Teresa Krug said...

That looks AWESOME.