Monday, October 4, 2010

Recent Drugstore Finds....

Happy Monday night! Only four more days to go til the weekend! :)  Yes I'm using exaggerated cheerfulness to make Monday seem a little better.  Did any of you catch Gossip Girl tonight?

Anyway so you all know by now I'm obsessed with beauty products. And the ones I love most are the cheap thrills you can find at Target or Wal-Mart. So of course I have some new products to add to your grocery list. You're welcome :)

First up: Jergens Overnight Repair Nightly Restoring Moisturizer
What they say: "Repairs a week’s worth of damage in one night, for visibly smoother skin the next morning.

Made with a rich blend of antioxidant vitamins and pure evening primrose extract, Jergens® Overnight Repair Nightly Restoring Moisturizer repairs and rejuvenates skin overnight so you can sleep beautifully and wake up to smoother, healthier-looking, revived skin—every morning."

-Love this stuff. I picked it up about two weeks ago and thought it would be perfect for me since I had been having some dry skin issues. It's very moisturizing without being sticky or  heavy. It soaks right in so you don't go to bed feeling greased up. The first morning after trying this I noticed how soft my skin was! I use moisturizer every night but this lotion truly made a difference. Two weeks later, I'm a believer.  Can't live without it and since it's under $10 I don't feel guilty.

Next up:
Burt's Bees Radiance Serum
What they say:

How it Works

 "Get a more radiant complexion in just 4 weeks! This clinically tested serum combines royal jelly, licorice root extract and glycerin to bring out skin’s natural radiance. These ingredients increase moisturization by 15% in only 2 weeks, while nourishing skin with 134 nutrients including vitamins A, C, D and K, minerals and 17 amino acids. In 4 weeks, you’ll notice your skin becoming more even toned. The result is more radiant beautiful looking skin, naturally.

How to Use It

Use daily after cleansing. Gently pat and smooth a small amount directly around your eyes, mouth and forehead.
Royal Jelly

Featured Ingredient

Royal Jelly — Very nourishing, royal jelly is made of nectar, pollen, flower parts, vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients. It is a very precious, mysterious substance that honeybees produce for the queen bee."

-This actually isn't a super new product for me. I started using it about a year ago on and off because I was looking for something to go that extra mile when it came to keeping the skin on my face moisturized and looking healthy. I love this. It's so light and it sinks right in. It's not oily at all, which is sometimes the problem with serums. My face always looks smoother and plumped up when I'm using this. I'm actually back to using this full time because I've seen what a difference it can make.  The smell isn't too great (to me anyway) but since it sinks in so fast I don't notice it for very long. The only downside to this is that the bottle is tiny and gets used up pretty quickly. It costs about $18 which isn't too bad to me when it comes to a product like this. I just wish the bottle was a little larger. Anywho, I would recommend this for any skin type and especially for those with sensitive skin.

And that's actually it for me tonight. It is way past my bedtime right now! Why am I such an old lady now? I do have some wedding updates for ya'll coming soon! Maybe my first Wedding Wednesday post will be this week?


CASABrasi said...

I might have to try that Burt's Bees Serum. I have extrememly sensitive, dry skin. I am always game to try a new product.

P.S. I'm a fellow Rosebud too. I'm now a follower!

CMae said...

So I went and bought the lotion you mentioned and I love it! By far jergens best lotion.