Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Public Service Announcement... About Makeup

To all women out there, I would like for you to take this moment to asses you foundation color. We are now it the late Spring/early Summer. Most of our skin has a little more color right now than it does in the winter. Have a friend take a picture of you or go outside with a mirror. Is everything matching up? Or do you have a line under your jaw? I recently had to switch from my winter shade to my summer one. I use Lancome Teint Miracle
Image via Google images
In the Fall/Winter I'm Bisque 1 (N). My Spring/Summer color is Bisque 4 (W). If you aren't quite ready for a color switch, but still notice a little bit of difference, try dusting on a little bronzer all over your face. And ladies, if you have a friend walking around with ghost face, politely pull her aside and let her know it's time to make the switch! Trust me, she would rather know than not!

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Megan said...

hahah! I love this!!! ;) Great post and totally true!