Monday, May 3, 2010

Tornado's and finals don't go together.

Wow! What a weekend! We had lots of excitement here in central AR thanks to mother nature. Let me start from the beginning... Friday was dead day, so I didn't have school. But I did have to take a test online. A certain teacher of mine doesn't believe in days off. I had until 11 pm to take my test so of course I put it off while I had a lazy morning. It looked totally gross outside and I would have been a-ok staying in my pj's all day. But Gabe took off work early and came home around noon and wanted to run errands. So we got some things done and decided that due to the weather it probably wouldn't be a good idea to go to Little Rock for dinner as originally planned. We went and got some groceries and rented a movie and headed home. I took my online test and then started on dinner. Well that's when all the storms started popping up so we settled in for a yucky night and kept an eye on the weather. Things didn't get to bad for us that night so we were lucky. Saturday we got up and it was nice out so we went to Starbucks then headed to Gabe's parents house in Heber (about 45 from Conway) to clean the boat and get everything ready for lake weekends. It was sunny and nice all day. Around 6:30 we started heading back home and it started to rain as soon as we pulled out of his parents driveway. Now I'm thinking to myself wow we're so lucky that the rain held off until we were done. I hadn't checked the weather all day or anything. 15 min later we're in a tornado warning!! The storm was heading right for Conway so we were driving straight into it. Omg I was freaking out. I hate tornado's more than anything. We drove right towards a wall cloud the entire ride home. We stopped right outside of Conway at a friends house when the sirens started going off and they said there was rotation. I spent the next hour in a closet with a magazine and a beer riding out the storm while my super smart boyfriend and his friend stood in the driveway looking at the sky. Needless to say I was slightly annoyed with Gabe for this. The storm passed and everyone was ok, thank goodness!! I didn't get any pictures of the funnel cloud because I was hiding, but apparently the rest of the town of Conway did.

I took this pic from my friend Kelli's facebook. This is the scary cloud right over my apartment complex! This is what we were seeing when we stopped at our friends house.
I actually found this one on TodaysTHV website. This is on our side of town! Yikes!

We were very lucky! Sadly not everywhere in the state was though. It was quite a scary weekend and needless to say I didn't get much studying done. But I only have two finals left! As of this time tomorrow, I will be on Summer vacation. (for a month) And I promise to actually have some good posts soon! I hope everyone else had a nice, tornado free weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that's so scary! I've seen rotations and funnel clouds a few times in my life, it's one of the scariest things, because you can't get away from it!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Oh wow!!! That is really scary!!! So glad you guys are safe!!

littledaisymay said...

Those pictures are super scary! Glad y'all weren't hit!