Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer break makes me a bad blogger.

So apparently having no structure in my life makes me forget to blog. I thought when I was done with finals I would have all of this time to blog and come up with some great posts. Wrong! I've been just as busy since getting out of school. So here's a list catching you up on my life:
1. My hair is now more brown than blonde. I love being a blonde but since I quit living in a tanning bed, the super blonde hair made me look washed out. I'm enjoying the more low maintenance color. And I think it makes my skin look better.
2. I never found a new dress to wear to Gabe's sis's graduation, so I wore the same dress I wore for Easter. It worked out just fine.
3. Gabe had a ton of extended family in town from Iowa (that's where his fam is originally from) so our weekend was spent visiting them.
4. I haven't had very much lay by the pool weather. I'm hoping mother nature delivers some this week for me. I only have until June 7th to enjoy my summer vacation.
5. We move to our new apartment next week!! Have I started packing? Of course not! I also haven't found any new bedding for the new king size bed yet either. Time to get this ball rolling!
6. I just found out one of my favorite new shows, Flash Forward, is getting cancelled :(
7. I love being a southern woman who appreciates big hair. I spent the weekend with a bunch of Midwestern women from Iowa, who were as sweet as can be and beautiful, but had very flat hair. And I think they wanted it that way! I believe everyone looks better when their hair has a little lift. :) But maybe that's just me.
8. I'm relieved that Gabe and I didn't book a trip to Gulf Shores this summer because who knows what the beaches will look like with this oil spill.
9. I bought a few new makeup items last week that I will be reviewing for yall in the days to come.
10. So I'm thinking of switching from a PC to a Mac. Any opinions on that? I'm so tired of all the problems I've been having with my computer lately. I would love to hear what ya'll use.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Sarah said...

Just got back from Gulf Shores/Orange oil as of yet! I heard today that hotels/condos are offering $25 per night rates this summer because of the oil disaster. I guess if you can stand only hanging by the pool and not being able to eat any seafood, it would be a pretty good deal!