Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Friday

1. First off, how about that Grey's Anatomy season finale last night?! I was freaking out the entire two hours! There weren't any major cliff hangers, but I still have some questions. Such as:
Do we know if anything happened to Bailey's boyfriend?
Will Chief Webber take over as acting Chief again while Derek is recovering?
Did Meredeth really have a miscarriage?
Will Christina and Owen work it out?
Lexie cannot choose Alex, she needs to be with Mark.
I think I may be way to involved in this show. But honestly ya'll, I have watched every single episode.
2. I spent Wednesday and Thursday in my home town relaxing and visiting my grandparents. It was heaven!
3. I had a facial Wednesday morning and it was absolutely amazing. I'm thinking that is going to have to become part of my beauty routine.
4. This weekend will be spent packing for the big move. We had some stress this week because we thought Gabe would have to go to Boston to meet with a client on the same day we were supposed to move. He has managed to get some things moved around so as far as we know he will be here on moving day.
5. I really really don't want to start summer school. I'm getting way to used to this whole summer break thing.
6. Less than a week until Sex and the City 2!!

Happy Friday ya'll!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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littledaisymay said...

I had some of those same questions after watching Grey's last night! The episode was so intense!