Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend re-cap

What a weekend! I need another weekend just to recover! Friday we were actually pretty low key. Gabe made some yummy spaghetti with his homemade red sauce and we watched movies and drank wine. It was a night we definitely needed. Saturday, Gabe and I went to my dad and step moms house to lay by the pool and grill out. It was an amazing and relaxing day. They live on a lake so we watched fireworks there that night. Sunday, we hit the lake bright and early with our friends Chad, Charlie, and Meghan & Greg. We had an absolute blast and for once I actually got some pictures!
Meg, me, and Charlie (Greg behind us being weird)

Gabe, Meg & Greg, Charlie & Chad

Gabe found a log to hang out on...
Me and Greg

Group pic minus Meg

It was almost impossible to get one good picture of us all...
We all got a little to much sun that day. Poor Gabe still looks like a lobster.
Monday, we both had the day off so he played golf with his dad that morning then we went to lunch with his dad and youngest sister. After lunch Gabe and I went to West Little Rock to do some shopping and to see Eclipse! I loved it! My favorite movie out of the series so far. (It was also my favorite book). Gabe enjoyed it too even though he will never admit it out loud. :) I'm pretty lucky to have a guy who will sit through chick flicks with me because he knows how happy it makes me. Today it was back to the real world and it was so hard to get up this morning!
*Random* Some recent favorite outfits of mine:
Before a dinner out in Little Rock back in June. The dress is super short but I LOVE it! It's RACHEL by Rachel Roy. So comfortable! The yellow is brighter in person.

This dress is the perfect summer time day dress from Victoria Secret. It's only $29. I have it in pink, white, and black. It's great for those hot afternoons.
I hope ya'll are having a good week! :)


Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

That looks like a great time!!!!! I love hanging out on the lake! :)

Make sure to come enter my Stella and Dot giveaway when you get the chance!!! http://sweetsoutherncupcakes.blogspot.com/2010/07/stella-and-dot-giveaway.html

Jules said...

Hi Kaley! Thanks for following my blog. I love your blog and I’m following you now too.

Your weekend sounds so fun and relaxing. Going out on the boat and splashing around the lake is my idea of a good day ;)

I took my husband to see Eclipse and we had to go twice because the fire alarm went off in the theater the first time. Eclipse was my favorite book in the series too and I did like the movie.

You look so great in both of those dresses and I have that same LV :)

Have a great week!