Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So I am officially over Summer. It's to hot and humid! All I can think about is jeans, boots, cardigans, and being able to put makeup on without it melting right off. Oh and Razorback football :) (Go Hogs!) The problem is, in Arkansas the temps really don't feel like fall until mid-October. We try to dress for fall and risk heat stroke in September. Anyway, I am officially done buying summer clothes. I bought an incredibly cute pair of booties on Saturday and since they are suede, they must wait. I'll post pictures of them at some point when I'm not lazy and actually can go look for my camera.

I've been looking for a cute fall/winter bag that has a classic look. While I LOVE Chanel bags, lets be honest here, I can't afford them! I'm in college for crying out loud! But I do love this Kate Spade bag that has a Chanel look and is much more wallet friendly. Though it will still require some saving on my end. I think with some of my birthday money it might be a possibility.

Something else inspiring me lately are the August issues of Vogue and InStyle. Not only are they full of fall ads. (I love ads, I know I'm weird) They have two beautiful, classy ladies on the covers.

Also I hope I age like these two. Gwen is in her 30s and looks better than most 20somethings. And Courtney Cox is making 40s look downright hot! Anyone that knows me knows that I've already declared war on aging. Courtney has admitted to using Botox and I think with her it looks natural. Thoughts?
Hope ya'll are having a great week!!
Oh and I'm looking for a good book to read. Any suggestions? I've been disappointed with my summer reading list.


TeachingInHeels said...

I do the same thing with fall fashions here in California. I try to wear them and just about fall over from the heat! But it doesn't stop me from purchasing :)

CMae said...

Agreed! I could also say the same thing for Demi Moore looking so awesomely HOT at the end of the 40's spectra! :)

Sarah said...

I'm over this heat here in AL as well! So sick of it...and I am all too ready for cute jackets, skinny jeans, and booties!
I'm reading Water for Elephants now...it's not going to great for me, but the movie is coming out soon and has Robert Pattinson in it, so I've GOTTA read it:)