Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New apartment, SATC2, Memorial Day Weekend, and catching up with ya'll.

Well hello there! I can't believe I went an entire week without blogging, but the move took longer than we thought it would. We are entirely moved in now though and ALMOST unpacked. I have yet to get to the guest room/workout room though. So far I'm loving the new place. I have a few pictures, but please keep in mind I really haven't had time to actually decorate. We are also in the process of getting rid of our college furniture and buying new, grown up furniture :)

Our kitchen.

The living room. I'm needing something for the wall and some things for the book shelves. We're hoping to get new living room furniture this year.

Gabe has also decided we need a bigger living room TV because this one looks so small in the new apartment.

Our new bedroom furniture! It's actually way to big for the apartment and we couldn't fit the night table in. I don't care if in gigantic though because it's gorgeous and I'm loving my new king size bed!

So our memorial day weekend was pretty low key. Friday we were still busy unpacking. Saturday was a little more unpacking, then Gabe had to help one of our friends move. Poor thing, I know he had to have been so tired of moving by the end of this week. Saturday night we went to eat at Bonefish and then went to see:
Sex and the City 2. I have to say, I actually walked out disappointed. And this broke my heart because I love SATC so much. I mean I have literally seen every episode of the series at least 10 times and watch the first movie and least twice a month. I don't really know what it was about this movie that I didn't like. I was annoyed by Carrie and actually all of the other girls too. I also missed the girls actually being in the city. And that karaoke scene was beyond cheesy. I'm still pretty bummed out about not loving it. :(
Anyway, Sunday we spent the day on the lake with friends. I have no pictures because as I've told ya'll before I'm super paranoid about dropping my camera in the lake. But we had a great time and got some sun.
Monday we went to my grandparents house for a cookout and some much needed family time.
I hope all of ya'll had a great long weekend! I've been busy catching up on everyone's blogs this morning. I'm also hoping to be a better blogger for the rest of the summer. I have to turn in my senior portfolio tomorrow and I start summer school next Monday. I'm actually kind of excited about returning to class. A month of doing nothing has been bad for me! Have a great hump day ya'll!


Sarah said...

Your new bedroom furniture looks great! Love the black:)I watched SATC yesterday.
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

your new bed looks awesome- it's gorgeous!

littledaisymay said...

Your apartment is super cute! I love your bed :)

Lauren Bussell said...

loooove the new apartment! If you decide to sell your old furniture let me know because mine is even more childish than that!

mandi said...

Love the new apt! So cute. I'm obsessed with SATC too..I haven't seen the second movie yet b/c I'm afriad I'll be dissapointed too!