Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dream House Ideas- Wine Cellars

Well hello! I hope ya'll are having a wonderful Tuesday. I must say I had an absolutely wonderful weekend and even a pretty good Monday and Tuesday. School started yesterday bright and early at 8 am and while, yes my class is boring, I'm glad to have some structure in my life again.
Anyway as I've stated before I'm obsessed with home decor and I'm always thinking about my dream house that I will build one day. One thing I would love to have in my dream home is a wine cellar. Gabe and I are wine people. We love trying new wines and always have quite a few bottles on hand for when company comes over. A simple wine rack in the kitchen isn't enough for us. Here's a few wine cellars I'm drawing inspiration from:

How fabulous would it be to have one of these in your home? If I had one, I would invite you all over for a girls night and wine tasting :)
Have a wonderful afternoon!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! this is beautiful! my dream house has a wine cellar, a library and giant bay windows with cushions. thank you for following my page!


Anonymous said...

wow, a wine cellar that huge would be amazing! I'd have company over all the time, lol!