Friday, June 25, 2010

Blogging + Summer School = FAIL

Yikes! I can't believe I went an entire week without blogging. Where to begin...
-I have a few exciting things going on in my life that I hope I can share with you in the next few weeks! :)
-One of those exciting things is not me finding an internship for the fall. Ok I haven't really been looking lately due to the fact that physics is taking over my life.
-Taking 15 hours during the summer is just plain dumb.
-The past few weekends we've been going out with friends, so this weekend I'm hoping to have a slow relaxing weekend. Maybe a one on one date with Gabe. Or at least a night at home with some wine!
-If you live in central Arkansas I highly recommend eating at YaYa's in the Chenal Promenade. We went there last weekend with friends and it was AMAZING! It mainly has an upscale Greek menu. 5 stars in my book!
-It is HOT here. I mean miserably hot. To hot to even go outside. To hot to go to the pool or lake. So hot that I feel like my face is melting off the minute I step outside the door. Attractive right?
-My parents are going on a cruise next week since they had to cancel thier Gulf Shores vacation due to the oil. I wasn't invited due to the 15 hours of summer school consuming my life. Thanks mom.
-I'm not bitter though because Gabe and I have two cruises planned over the next year.
-After almost 23 years of perfect vision, my eyes have started to fail me and I now have contacts. Boo!
-I found a grey hair on Gabe the other day. He told me it was just a really blonde hair. It's not. We'll let him think it is though.
-My hair is almost totally brown now. It has a little blond still so its... Bronde? I like it though.
-One of my best friends and her husband are expecting their first baby!! Yay Meg and Greg! I've already started shopping in my mind for what is no doubt to be a very spoiled and loved child.

So there is a little catch up on my life! Hope everyone is doing well and I will try to catch up on ya'lls blogs today. Have a great weekend!

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Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Oh my gosh girl, it is CRAZY hot, isn't it? It's like, the minute I put my makeup on and walk out the door, I have to reapply all over again. Kinda already ready for fall : )