Friday, August 26, 2011

Game Day Pretties

Football season is upon us ladies! You know what that means right? What are we going to wear??!!

Yes, in the South what you are wearing to the game can sometimes be just as important as the game itself! Judith March is definitely where it's at for Southern game day apparel. Here are a few of my picks and maybe a recent purchase or two!

 I love the neckline of this one. There's a good chance I already bought this...
I could definitely call the Hogs in this one!

Love the back of this!

Oh there are so many options!! Now just add fabulous shoes, a poof, and you're good to go!


Shea said...

These are beautiful dresses!

Love your blog reminds me of mine! haha =)

Lauren said...

I LOVE the all red dress (2nd from the top) and I'm not even from Arkansas. I would so wear that out though!