Monday, August 8, 2011

5 Things I've Learned in My First Month of Marriage

1. Being married has not increased my interest in cooking. I have yet to  get the hang of it. I seriously doubt I ever will.

2. My Husband is still wonderful.

3. I get the random urge to throw on my wedding dress and wear it around the apartment. (I haven't actually done it, so don't think I'm crazy!)

4. Storage for all of the wedding gifts doesn't just magically appear. We are storing stuff in the strangest places. An Asian Wok under the guest room bed? That's normal right? Right?

5. It has really sunk in that We. Are. Married. Yet, I still sign my name with my maiden name. Oops! Honest mistake. I'll get the hang of it one day.

We celebrated our one month anniversary yesterday while also celebrating my Birthday! It was such a big weekend for us. If some of you remember correctly, my birthday was also our one year anniversary of getting engaged! For that post click here.

Have a good Monday ya'll!


Marian said...

Love these! I had that urge to throw on the dress too...and still do:)

Jassi's Girl said...

I got married in April and still sign my name with my maiden name too !