Monday, November 8, 2010

Anthropologie Love

Happy Monday evening! I was back at work today after almost two weeks off and I'm exhausted! For the next two weeks it's back to balancing school and work 5 days a week :( But, on a brighter note, I'm leaving for Vegas on the 19th!! I'm in desperate need of a vacation ya'll. Seriously my brain is officially mush now. Anyway, we had a good weekend. Gabe was also off work Friday so we went to Little Rock to start on some Christmas shopping. We got my brother and sister's gifts out of the way. Saturday we watched football all day. The Hogs beat South Carolina!! Woo Pig Sooie!! :) Next up we've got UTEP, Miss State, and the big one, LSU. I'm nervous about that last one! Sunday we went over to my Memo's house for lunch with the whole family. Then we spent the rest of the day at my parents watching movies and eating.

Anyway, I was browsing my favorite site (Anthropologie. Hurry up with that AR location!) during my lunch break and found some goodies.
Neo-Refinement Pullover

Gust of Grey Blouse

Volante Tee

College Ruled Top

Three Falls Skirt

 Yukata Dress

I really need to stop looking for myself when I shop. I don't need anything else for me until after Christmas! It's time to start worrying more about the gifts I haven't bought yet! Anyway, hope ya'll had a good Monday!

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Jamie said...

Cute tops! I love that last dress too!