Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Skin Help

Hey ya'll! I'm finally ready to get back to posting about beauty products and other superficial things :) Plus I am still laid up on the couch sick. It seems my flu has turned into bronchitis. So looks like I'll be taking it easy for a few more days.

I have discovered some pretty amazing products this winter to help combat dry, icky skin. Here are the one's I can't live without. For now anyway!

1. Philosophy hope in a jar for dry skin
Love this thick, creamy moisturizer. It has been my saving grace for night time hydration lately. I just bought my second jar. Check it out at!

2. Clairsonic Mia 2
I got this for Christmas and I love it! My face feels so clean and smooth after I use this. I feel like I am finally getting all of my makeup off at night and that the products I'm using are sinking in better.  via Sephora

3. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Mask
My facialist recently gave me a large sample of this mask and it is amazing. It uses B vitamins and Hyaluronic acid to deliver an extra boost of moisture to dry, dull skin. I usually use this one night a week. via SkinCeuticals

4. SkinCeuticals  Hydrating B5 Gel
This gel serum is loaded with vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic acid. (like the mask from #3). I use this serum day and night under moisturizer. It really helps plump this skin and hold in essential moisture. via SkinCeuticals

5. L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Balm Eye Cream
Okay, this eye balm says it's for "mature skin", which my 24 year old skin is not. But it has been my favorite new product by far! What I love about it is how thick it is. My eye area is really affected by dry, winter air. This honestly is the best eye cream I have ever used. It keeps me extremely hydrated and doesn't irritate my eye. Plus you can pick it up at the drugstore for around $17.00. I think this is a steal since it rivals much more expensive creams I have tried. I will definitely be buying this again.

6. Cetaphil 
The old standby. I know I keep beating this product into your heads, but that's because I truly love it. It helps to break down makeup and it doesn't irritate your skin. If you aren't using this yet, then go buy it now. It's under ten dollars so what do you have to lose?

There you have it! My winter skin savers! If you have any product recommendations, let me know!
Have a good Thursday!

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Jennifer Elliott said...

I too am 24 with the same unnatural obsession with facial creams etc... I, alike yourself, usea variety of products but one I swear by is Loreal Age Perfect serum...however I use the night serum and in as little as 6 days I could see dramatic results. I'm talking DRA-MA-TIC. Dark spots and smile lines minimized to almost erased after using it for 3 months now. I also use the night cream products by 'RoC' for two reasons A)It smells amazing and B)Its a non-greasy matte moisturizer(the line runs from $12.00 up to $60.00. The night cream I use after the Age Perfect Serum is in a gold or a dark blue aluminum tube and cost ab $26.00. I swear by it. BTW LOVE Cetaphil and LOVE Philosphy products..agree agree agree